2 Minute My Little Pony Tails

I’ll admit it- I don’t love throwing birthday parties. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE birthdays! I love celebrating my kids on their special day, going out, and having lots of fun. But the physical act of planning and throwing birthday parties is just so much work! We live in a time where the internet tells us we have to have big, picture perfect (literally), handmade parties for our young children when really you can keep things simple and still have the same amount of fun and “wow-ness” as you would putting hours and hours into the same party. If you love throwing parties and spending lots of time on them, then that’s amazing! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for me, I’m all about keeping things simple. Here are some tips on how to keep birthday parties simple, yet memorable without having a nervous breakdown:

  1. CAKE-I buy a box cake, frost it in their favorite color, and throw some cute character toys on it, and they’re THRILLED! Target has “naked cakes” that are amazing too! You can get a pre-made cake just frosted in white so you can decorate it how you want. This is what I did with May this year and put a big My Little Pony on top. It was pretty cute and all the 4 yr old girls were obsessed with it.
  2. BALLOONS- Don’t underestimate the impact a bag of balloons can have! They’re cheap but pack a punch in the room! I got a few bags of different shades of pink balloons for May’s party, taped them to the banister and it was adorable. Even just putting a bunch on the ground is great too! Make sure to grab a balloon hand pump too. They’re only about $5 and worth it!
  3. GAMES- I think back to my childhood to see what stood out to me at the birthday parties I went to. Hands down the thing I remember were the silly, simple games we would play. Musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, and sitting on the balloons to pop them were a few that came to mind. Don’t underestimate the power of old school games. They’re timeless and so much fun!
  4. TAKEAWAY- I don’t think party favors are necessary, but they sure are fun. In planning May’s party, we decided that making the cute pony tails doubled as both a great activity as well as their party favor. Don’t stress about filling a bunch of party bags with goodies. I think getting a bag of suckers to pass out at the end is plenty if you want to go that route.

For May’s party, I really did want to keep things low key, but also wanted one super fun, but super easy activity for the girls to help with. We decided to make pony tails to clip on to the back of the girl’s pants so they could all be ponies. I’ll be honest, this idea isn’t completely original. However, I wasn’t happy with the tutorials I was seeing on Pinterest. The tails either weren’t long enough, thick enough, or just needed some sort of umph to them. So I adjusted the different tutorials found online and created my own. These really only take a couple minutes and turn out so cute!


1-5 skeins of yarn (depending on how many you’re making)

1 piece of cardboard- 24″ length



mitten clips



  1. Wrap yarn around the length of the cardboard until desired thickness. I wanted my pony pails pretty thick so I did about 10 wraps. If you want other colors in thee tail, do a few wraps of each color, totaling about 10-15 wraps.

2. With a 4″ piece of yarn, tie the top of the yarn together.


3. Cut the other end of the yarn (opposite end of where you tied) to make the tail strands.


4. Remove from cardboard, and tie another piece of yarn around the pony tail, about 2″ below the first tie.


5. Attach mitten clip to top tie by tying a knot through the mitten clip loop with the ends of the yarn tie.


6. Cover that second tie with ribbon to form a cute bow.

7. Enjoy!


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