7 Houseplants You Won’t Kill

Plants! Plants, Plants! Plants are an easy way to add coziness and beauty to your home without breaking the bank. House plants add a great organic element to any space, freshening the look and cleaning the air. I get so many people asking me how I keep my plants so healthy (and alive), and the truth is this: I only buy ones that are easy to take care of. There are so many varieties you can choose from that are perfectly happy if you forget about them for a few weeks, or even a few months! I’ve compiled a list of 7 different house plants that I own that are truly difficult to kill. As long as you re-pot them when the time comes, and water them accordingly, you’ll have happy, healthy plants for years!

  1. Small Succulents

Most succulents are the easiest plants to take care of! This little baby was actually al off shoot from a larger plant I bought. The great thing about succulents is, if they start growing out and looking weird, you can simply break off part of it, literally stick it in dirt, and call it good! Your clipping will start growing roots and survive as a brand new plant! I water this plant about once every two weeks. It sits in my window sill in front of my sink and gets plenty of light. Succulents don’t need full sun to stay healthy though. They just need partial light. You can find these for just a few dollars at home depot or any garden store. Boutique nurseries are usually a little more expensive, but have a larger variety to choose from.

2. Snake Plants

Snake plants live a very long time and are easier to keep alive than succulents. I have two snake plants, one of which I’ve had for 12 years now! It was the very first plant we bought when we were married and it’s still very much alive and well. Snake plants are very inexpensive and make a great impression in little nooks that need some umph. Sometimes I go 2 months without watering mine and it’s totally fine. Make sure it has a good drainage system so it doesn’t drown or rot. I’ve found some of the prettiest snake plants at Home Depot.

3. Hobbit Jade

Our Hobbit Jade  plant is maybe my favorite plant I own right now (my favorite changes monthly just like my children…jk!). I love it because it’s super green, it’s very clean looking, and it’s just the right size for the mantle. Jade plants are a variety of succulents, so these too can be broken off and repotted if you want. I water my hobbit Jade about once every 3 weeks.

4. Micro Fiddle Leaf Fig

This tree is amazing! My husband brought it home for me as a surprise and I’ve loved it ever since! It’s related to the wildly popular fiddle leaf fig, but a tinier version. It’s great for small spaces, too! My big fiddle fig (not listed here because it’s not easy to keep alive 🙂 takes up a ton of space and the leaves are sometimes bigger than 12″, but these babies are just about a big as my hand and are much more manageable. I only water my micro fiddle about once a week. Beware though- the leave do get dusty so give them a little cleaning every once in a while. You can see the dust on mine…oops!


5. Cactus

I love cacti! They’re stunning, come in a bunch of varieties, and are extremely easy to take care of. This was a birthday present last year and you can see how much growth it’s had since I got it. Do you notice the dark green tops next to the more muted green bottom? The dark green is how much it’s grown in a year, which is pretty impressive for a cactus! I water it about once every 3 weeks and it’s never given me anything to worry about! There are no leave to clean up (obviously) and nothing to trim. I’ll be honest- cacti this size aren’t cheap, but they’re pretty amazing and you’ll have it forever. Just be careful when your kids are playing with balloons….


6. Aloe Vera

I love this plant! I bought this plant about 7 years ago at Home Depot. It was small and cute, and fit in a 3″ pot. Over time it’s outgrown 3 pots and also produced another plant (the little one on the right) that I need to separate and replant. Right now the whole thing is about 24″ tall and about 36″ wide (or even more). It’s hard to find a good spot for it but I just love it so much that I move it around the house and make it work. It’s about time to repot but I’m worried about it growing too large. However, if you don’t repot them they’ll start to die. About a year ago this plant was on it’s last leg and was turning yellowish brown. On a whim I repotted it into this white planter and within about an hour it was bright green again! It was basically like magic! I only water this baby about once a month. It also has health benefits. You can break off part of it and use the inside juice he help cure cuts and sooth sunburns. Aloe is very inexpensive and super hardy.


7. Christmas Cactus

This plant in seriously incredible! I knew nothing about Christmas Cactus’ until a friends gifted this beauty to me about 6 years ago. When I received it it was tiny and all green. My friend Ruth told me that around Christmas time it will bloom into bright, hot pink flowers! Sure enough, every single year it’s completely covered in blossoms come mid- December. It usually blooms a second time each year but the timing varies for that second round. My mother in law has had one for years and it’s so huge that it hangs down halfway to the floor! It’s about 3′ in circumference and it stunning! I probably need to repot this one soon but it’s fine for now. This plant I’ve had has been through a lot. I’ve given up on it time and time again, but always give it a tiny bit of hope and it always eventually pulls through. Christmas Cactus should probably be watered once a week but I usually water mine once every 3 weeks because, frankly I just forget.

I hope you find this post helpful! If there are more plants you love that are hardy and not easy to kill I’d love to hear about them! Please leave a note in the comments. Thanks, and happy planting!

  • Emily Harrison
    Posted at 01:24h, 16 February Reply

    Great recommendations. I’ve never tried a snake plant. How much sun do they like?

    • Heather
      Posted at 01:37h, 16 February Reply

      Partial sun is fine! I haven’t tried dark basement light but I actually think it might do fine there too.

  • Meghan hammond
    Posted at 04:03h, 16 February Reply

    How do you dust the leaves on the big fiddle leaf fig?

  • Sara MacKay
    Posted at 04:20h, 21 March Reply

    Could you just go with me to Home Depot and help me pick some out with pots and everything?! Oh, and then come to my house and tell me good spots to put them!

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